New Beginnings & Rosy Richmond Retreats

My clients, Andrew and Erina, currently reside in Seattle and are expecting their first child together soon. They also just closed on this lovely bungalow in SE Portland! Erina is a Portlander by birth and when we found this gorgeous home it was love at first sight for them both. Immediately they were a little overwhelmed with the competitiveness of the market and weren’t quite sure if they could write a competitive offer. Lo and behold, the listing agent followed up with news that for the SAME reason, other prospective buyers hadn’t written offers either! The sellers were left with no offers and encouraged my clients to write.

By the next day they were pending, and now here we are at closing! What a wonderful twist of fate. My clients love it so much, they’re purchasing half the furniture with the home. It helps that the sellers are master woodworkers and made the furniture themselves! Once again, a huge congratulations to Andrew and Erina on their perseverance, patience, and poise throughout this process. I’m so excited for them to begin this new chapter with a beautiful home and family on the horizon. Special thanks to Elizabeth Wren Shiffler at Urban Nest PDX for facilitating the sale! 

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