Clients & Friends: A Powerful Combo

Scott and Natalie are great friends of ours. They’re also pretty much the definition of a power couple: Scott is a Creative Director at R2C, an ad agency in the Pearl; Natalie is her own type of triple threat – actor, singer, and personal trainer. (Check out her business! Be Well: Fitness by Natalie).

A couple of years ago during the real estate feeding frenzy that was the Portland market, I helped them buy this sweet house in time to make it a home for the “baby makes three” stage of their lives. Fast forward two years later…they were ready to make another move and I was excited to help.


During their time on Taylors Ferry, Natalie and Scott completely transformed the backyard into a gardener’s dream – beautiful large patio, raised beds with full veggie garden, perennial herb garden, small butterfly garden, well-kept fruit trees – an amazing outdoor living space. The front yard was decked with roses, thanks to the original owners of the home who were in the Portland Rose Society. All of that plus 4 bedrooms and a convenient location, and a hot summer market? We knew we could get this home sold fast. Only 4 days on market, and Natalie and Scott had accepted an over-list-price offer!

I love that, in real estate, I get to have friends sometimes be clients, and frequently clients become friends. It’s pretty special to help your people get to where they want to be. As always, there are many moving parts of every transaction, so working with a great agent on the buyer’s side makes for smooth sailing. Thank you, Lauren Hasson!

Looking to make your next move? I’d love to help.

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